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    Destiny 2: Where is Xur today? Locations and exotic items for August 12-16

    The creature born from rotting caviar, Xur, currently lives in Fate 2 for the weekend…
    8 mins ago

    Eyewitnesses said he was hit 10-15 times, lasting 20 seconds

    People try to help author Salman Rushdie after he was stabbed near New York City…
    20 mins ago

    Watch Greg Mathis Jr.’s Boyfriend, Elliott Asks Questions

    Greg Mathis Jr.‘s longtime boyfriend Elliott Cooper there’s a very special question for him in…
    30 mins ago

    The MLS is now a transfer market destination league, and investing in youth has played a big part in that.

    When the summer transfer window closed on the night of August 4, it ended a…


      24 hours ago

      5 Outfits Under $100 – Live in Yellow

      And just like that, Summer has come and ALMOST has passed. August is officially here and believe it or not,…
      1 day ago

      Create your own custom letter stickers!

      The art of sending a letter or a card is still very much alive in this digital age and there…
      2 days ago

      Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Tips & Recipes for Ice Bath

      Enable your JavaScript to view content Today on the blog, we’ve put together all of Dr. Andrew Huberman’s ice bath…
      2 days ago

      Best Books on Kindle Unlimited

      Confession: me final officially registered Kindle Unlimited! I know, I know, I’m a few years behind the band. I know…
      2 days ago

      Best Skin Care Products – With Clean Ingredients!

      I LOVE skincare. I can go on and on and ON about it. I love it very much! In today’s…
      3 days ago

      Our Gibsonlook favorites for the summer

      It’s no secret, we are the main Gibsonlook fans here at LIY! After years of wearing, loving, and collaborating with…


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