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    Workers want to continue dating on the clock, even when they return to the office

    Old habits are hard to die for, especially when dating during work hours. Just look…
    7 mins ago

    Parts of England officially fall into drought after months of scant rainfall

    Large swaths of Britain have officially entered a state of drought, authorities announced on Friday,…
    20 mins ago

    From Warner Music Group’s revenues to Pollen going bust… It’s MBW’s Weekly Round-Up

    Welcome to Worldwide music businessWeekly aggregator – where we make sure you’ve captured the five…
    29 mins ago

    The Creators of ‘King’s Quest’ Are Back With a New Game

    Ken and Roberta Williams are co-founders of Sierra Online, the company behind classic computer games…


      22 hours ago

      5 Outfits Under $100 – Live in Yellow

      And just like that, Summer has come and ALMOST has passed. August is officially here and believe it or not,…
      1 day ago

      Create your own custom letter stickers!

      The art of sending a letter or a card is still very much alive in this digital age and there…
      2 days ago

      Dr. Andrew Huberman’s Tips & Recipes for Ice Bath

      Enable your JavaScript to view content Today on the blog, we’ve put together all of Dr. Andrew Huberman’s ice bath…
      2 days ago

      Best Books on Kindle Unlimited

      Confession: me final officially registered Kindle Unlimited! I know, I know, I’m a few years behind the band. I know…
      2 days ago

      Best Skin Care Products – With Clean Ingredients!

      I LOVE skincare. I can go on and on and ON about it. I love it very much! In today’s…
      3 days ago

      Our Gibsonlook favorites for the summer

      It’s no secret, we are the main Gibsonlook fans here at LIY! After years of wearing, loving, and collaborating with…


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