Home decoration tips, interior design: Space saving ideas to make the house spacious

Urban lifestyle makes people’s life busy and most prefer to live in smaller spaces but living in a small space becomes claustrophobic making occupants uncomfortable and stressful, due to lack of storage and space. time. Just because you only have one room doesn’t mean you interior design cannot fulfill all your hopes and dreams because the function of space is the key to space design.

In every room in your house, there is always a better way to maximize the space you make use of where for some areas it can be as simple as tidying up or getting rid of things. unnecessary use. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Charu Gupta, Director of L’ Institute De Dessins (LIDD), revealed that with color, furniture purchasing strategies, space planning and interesting lighting, spaces are small. Your space will feel spacious with every need and storage you can imagine. She suggests the following tips:

1. Artifacts – Give your artifacts a little structure by grouping the style’s color and height. Impressive artwork feels more spacious. Choose large, bold artwork. Glass and acrylic accent pieces provide an additional function of not taking up too much visual space.

2 toothpicks – Bathroom vanities and convex mirrors with rear storage are great space savers.

3. Bed – Box bed and headboard with hidden storage for ample storage. Night wall mount with drawers for extra storage. Hang pendant lights on them, save space and give an artistic look to the room.

4. Chair – A classic colorless acrylic chair provides the necessary seating but visually disappears.

5. Color – Dark colors are certainly design-friendly, but they make the room appear smaller. Paint the walls, keyboard, and other details in different shades of the same color, such as white, off-white, and beige to expand the room. Dark ceilings create depth, creating the illusion of height. Use light or neutral colors throughout; as they are space expanders and provide a neutral background for furniture and artwork.

6. The couch – In the home office/living room helps to create the illusion that the room is a living room. Most of these come with inbuilt memory.

7. Eating out – Tables that are small or have fallen leaves, allowing it to become smaller when not in use are ideal for small areas.

8. Door – Eliminate as many doors as possible architecturally to increase the sense of space.

9. Pleated – Skip the dark shades and leave your windows uncovered. This will depict depth and bring the outdoor natural landscape inside. If your room needs some privacy, try transparent curtains to create an airy feel, avoiding prying eyes. When adding curtains to a room, keep them the same color and avoid contrast. It is best to avoid unnecessary details, such as frills on furniture and window decoration. Use simple curtains or shades. Using smaller prints or plain fabrics and rugs creates a single, unifying effect and visually expands the room. Using transparent shower curtains or glass partitions in the shower area will expand the space in a small bathroom.

10. Interior – The open space around your furniture creates the feeling of more space. Try tilting or floating the sofa in the living room with a small console/table behind it. These can be partitions and storage for dining and living.

11. Mirror – The fastest way to make a room appear larger. Wall mounted, full length, wall mounted or multiple walls add style, glamor and statement to the room. Choosing a wardrobe door with a mirror in the dressing room is dual purpose.

12. The nooks and crannies – and hidden corners – Hide them in a bar, bookshelf or cupboard. Maximize vertical space, taking advantage of wall height by adding bookcases, cabinets or tall shelves.

13. Stairs – Create great space for storage. Instead of the usual moves, turn it into pull-out draws.

14. Stripes – Extend space. A striped rug will make your room look longer. Place stripes along the length of the longest room for optimal effect. Carpets make a great space divider.

“Investing in furniture that serves multiple functions is a simple way to streamline a room,” she advises. Ottoman, wall bar, small wine rack all save space but are still practical and elegant. Folding tables are very versatile, they can be used for ironing, service stations. If there’s no space for a separate office, turn a closet into one. It looks like a decoration added after not being used. Whatever your reason is to live in a small space, you will definitely have to make some compromises in your decor, get really organized and make some adjustments in your lifestyle to live efficiently. fruit.

Creative Director Sapna Aggarwal, ANSA Architecture and Interiors, asserts that when it comes to saving space in small homes, every square inch of space matters, so advance planning plays a role. It is very important to make the most of the space. She recommends a few ideas for saving space in your home if you’re planning to renovate this New Year 2023:

1) Using convertible furniture is a smart idea. A series of benches can be assembled to make a bed; or a sofa that can be converted into a bed.

2) Scalability is another point to using cash. Design furniture so that it can be expanded. Eg. A central panel can be opened up to become large if needed. A series of tapered peg boards are joined together and can be pulled out to become a 3. The 4-seater dining table can be converted to 6 seats on a simple pull-out shelf.

3) Dig inside the wall. In a small house, you should create smart niches inside the wall and use them. Instead of having an accessory shelf that protrudes from the wall, one can create a small niche and utilize it to place accessories.

4) Should always keep the floor area clean. This means, for example, you can hang your breakfast bar from the ceiling and place bar stools below, instead of taking up floor space. This will make the room look visually larger.

5) Incorporate hosting whenever possible. A bay window can accommodate a set of drawers that are the same height as the occupant and then padded to form a seating nook. Build a wardrobe from the floor without leaving a footboard and make a shoe drawer at the bottom end. This will save you 4 inches of skirting space and also make space for all your shoes. Offers storage in the bed, in the loft, or wherever your home allows without visually adding bulk.

6) Walk along. Since a small house has limited floor space, it is advisable to make use of the available vertical space. High ceilings, bunk beds, high wall cabinets; they all work on the same principle.

7) Sliding door wardrobes are definitely more space efficient than their openable wardrobes. To reduce the circulation space on the floor is a good rule of thumb to save space. Likewise, hydraulically openable storages on the bed are better than pulling out the drawers.

8) Set your partition for use by making them storage or by using them as display cabinets. A little flexibility in your design helps a lot.

9) Use temporary sort. This means that instead of putting it in stone, think about materials and ideas that can change with changing needs. One bedroom can be converted into a home cinema with the simple use of a sofa-cum-bed and a dresser that camouflages the wall. Add a table in the middle and turn on your projector to watch the cricket match.

10) You can use a wardrobe to make a partition between two rooms. This will reduce the wasted area of ​​the wall.

11) In the kitchen, the rule of thumb is the place for everything and everything to be in the right place. Add S-hooks, tube bars to hang tissues, cutlery, condiments, foil, etc. Keep counters clean. Use hydraulic scissors for mixers and blenders so they don’t take up space on the counter. Also, add a ladder if possible to handle all your storage

12) Glass, mirror and reflective metallic colors included and has taken on an important role to give your home a larger appearance than it actually is. Keep the floor in the same small space to create visual continuity.

13) Last but not least, organize your wardrobe. Use accessories such as pull-down hangers, tie holders, belt and trouser drawers, umbrella drawers, etc. The storage capacity after using these accessories increases many times.


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