Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Cinderace 7 Star Tera Raid Guide

peat is the second seven-star Tera Raid event target in Pokémon scarlet and Violet, and it’s a bit harder to take down than Charizard. Cinderace hits very hard and has many moves to exploit weaknesses.

Cinderace joined the raids from January 12 at 7 p.m. EST until January 15 at 6:59 p.m. EST.

Cinderace Tera Raid . Reward

After defeating Cinderace, you will catch one, but only one. After you catch the first one, you won’t be able to catch another one, even if you beat it again. You will also receive TM64 (bulk quantity) and guarantee Ability Patch for your first win.

Cinderace is captured Hidden Abilities, Libero, changes its typing to the first move it uses once per transition. (Libero doesn’t activate if the Pokémon is Terastallized, so you don’t have to worry about that in this raid.) It also comes with The strongest sign, like Charizard from previous raids. It also has a perfect IV.

Similar to other Tera Raids, you can get other rewards, like Exp. Candies, Tera Shards, Bottle Caps and treasure items for sale for money. has a complete drop board. Cinderace raid does not drop Herba Mystica.

How to build a Cinderace Tera Raid . counter

There are two common builds you’ll see in Cinderace raids: Spanish and slowly man. These are successful builds that work pretty well, allowing players to even solo Cinderace without using an online ally. We will explain how to mimic these builds and how they work.

Cinderace at level 100 with Tera Type fighting. It knows High Jump Kicks, Fire Balls, Acrobatics, Iron Heads and Raise. Bulk Up makes it more dangerous, as it will greatly increase its attack power before attempting to attack your Pokémon. It’s important to lower its stats or boost your Pokémon’s defenses.

Friend maybe still use yours Azumarill (which people build with Belly Drum and Play Rough) against Cinderace, but your mileage may vary. You need luck and/or a reliable support Pokémon; when we used our Azumarill, we couldn’t successfully Belly Drum without the risk of fainting. Cinderace hits like a brick and without proper support your Azumarill will not work.

Personally, I don’t recommend using Azumarill. You’re better off joining the raid with the two builds we list below:

Cinderace Tera Raid Slowbro Build

  • Nature: Humble
  • Ability: does not matter
  • Tera Type: psychic
  • EVs: 4 HP/252 Defense/252 Special Attack
  • IV: Max HP, Defense, Special Attack
  • Item held: Life Orb or Twisted Spoon
  • move: Stored Power (TM41), Iron Defense (TM104) and Unpleasant Conspiracy (TM140)

With your level 100 Slowbro, you can shoot Cinderace once — as long as it doesn’t have a shield. Use Iron Defense twice, Nasty Plot twice, “Go all out!” Cheer once and combine with Stored Power to defeat Cinderace.

Stored Power deals more damage as your stats go up, so after boosting your Defense and Special Attack you’ll be able to quickly take down Cinderace while still withstanding attacks its.

If Cinderace debugs your Pokémon, you’ll sadly have to start the process all over again.

We successfully used this Slowbro strategy to win against Cinderace.

Cinderace Tera Raid Espathra . Build

  • Nature: Humble
  • Ability: The opportunist
  • Tera Type: psychic
  • EVs: 252 HP/252 Defense/4 Special Attack
  • IV: Max HP, Defense, Special Attack
  • Item held: Light clay bells or shells
  • move: Lumina Crash, Reflect (TM74), Feather Dance, Roost (egg move)

To successfully use this build, you need to spam the Feather Dance at the start of the battle to stop Cinderace’s Growing Attack. If Cinderace has a shield, stop using Feather Dance and use Lumina Crash instead, and combine with Roost to heal. Make sure to also Terastallize to make the Lumina Crash even stronger. Remember to also use healing spells if your and/or your teammates’ HP is getting too low.

The key here is Chance, Espathra’s ability, which will match its stat growth based on Cinderace. If Cinderace continues to cast Bulk Up, then Espathra’s Attack and Defense will also increase.

We haven’t tested this Espathra build ourselves, but we have seen it many times in our attacks and we were able to get through it successfully.

Players have found success with several other builds, as listed in This comprehensive Reddit threadbut the two builds above are the ones we can confirm working.


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