What disease did that giant get infected with in The Last Of Us Episode 5?

A bloated man was seen crawling out of a hole in the ground with a burning building behind it.

Image: HBO

If you just finished watching episode 5 of HBO Our last, you might be wondering what disease the giant got that caught the attention of the show but didn’t really bother to explain. Friends, what you see as characters like Joel and Ellie colloquially refer to as blabbering, and that’s been the focus of some of the enemy encounters in the series. Our last Game. But you wouldn’t know that based on what the show actually portrays so far. So let’s talk about why these big bad guys are having such a big impact on game fans.

What is flatulence?

Bloating is considered one of the final stages of infection for victims of the Cordyceps fungus that is ravaging the world. Our last. Unlike the more common clickers, those who have reached the bulge stage are almost completely covered by the fungus that grows from the head of an infected person. This happens when the victim has been infected for many years and has somehow “survived” for that long. As Joel mentioned in episode two, most infected people only live about a month or so, but clickers and people with swelling have been infected for so long that this fungus has damaged their eyes and they had to use echolocation to navigate. Clickers are more abundant, but if an infected person lives long enough to become a flatulent, its large body and pus explode. sack — oh yes, it has explosive latex the sack he threw at Joel and Ellie—making him much more dangerous.

A brawler is seen attacking Joel in a dilapidated building.

How does flatulence work in Our last Game?

Bloaters appear as mini bosses at various points in both Our last and its sequel. Originally, the enemy first appeared in Bill’s fortified town, but because the show took a very different approach to that story in episode three, fans didn’t come out until the Kansas City episodes. The molester is a particularly powerful enemy that, if it catches you, will knock you down in one hit. by Perry death in which the bloater tears his head out of his body, is an homage to the deadly animation in games where a brat can grab Joel or Ellie and do exactly that. Games go hard black before showing damage levels, but are still visible enough to show how gruesome death would be. Thank you HBO for filming that scene from a distance so we don’t have to watch Perry’s execution in detail.

Unlike clickers, bloaters aren’t easy to stealthily kill with a shiv or Ellie’s blade, so you have to take them down the old-fashioned way with ammo and molotov cocktails. However, both games have some bloater that you can sneak past, allowing you to avoid fighting them altogether. But if you can’t manage that, you’ll definitely use up quite a bit of your supply to get them out.

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Are bloaters an ultimate form of infection?

In theory, a person with a standard infection would either survive long enough to become a flatulent, or they would die and the cordyceps fungus would continue to grow out of their body and into their surroundings. Surname. In episode one, Tess and Joel stumble across a dead infected person that pretty much grows on the wall of the Boston quarantine. However, like The Last of Us Part II Illustrated, environmental factors can influence how cordyceps evolve at different stages of infection.

The Last of Us Part II takes place primarily in Seattle, and while there, Ellie is confronted with another variant of a late-stage infection known as spoofing disease. Similar to bloaters, these infected are covered from head to toe in cordyceps mushrooms, but instead of hurling mushroom explosives at the player, the Shamblers spray acid from their bodies and explode when they hit the player. was killed. While the reason for this difference in infection has never been confirmed, players can find notes around Seattle claiming it is due to rain and humidity in the city. This seems reasonable enough, but impostors also appear in Part IISanta Barbara endgame. This may just be one example of how the gameplay gets in the way of world building, but either way, there are other possible destinies for an infected person besides turning into an infected person. someone with a full stomach…though we might not see them on the show until Second season coming.

The Mouse King pattern is shown on a black background.

The most advanced form of infection Our last was shown to be in an infamous boss battle in Part II with an entity known as the Rat King. This is the pinnacle of mMany infected people evolved from one another to create a giant, vicious monster on the lower floors of the Seattle hospital, which was the city’s first infection point. This phenomenon has only been seen once in the series so far, and occurs under such specific circumstances that it seems extremely rare in the world of Our last.

While bloater is a rarity in Our last‘ universe, every time they appear in the game, it’s an impactful moment. The babbler’s first appearance on HBO’s show is pretty important, but we’ll have to wait and see if anyone really bothers to explain why it matters in a future episode. Are not.


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