5 benefits of thinking clearly

It can be very difficult to organize and reorganize all the thoughts and feelings we have in our heads. Do you feel that way?

This can be especially true when we are going through a difficult time or when we have too many ideas coming to us at once. And then we have to do this all day, every day. Like, wtf? Like you, we can’t even settle sometimes.

So here at Skinny’s SecretWe want to tell you a little secret. This is something that we strive to practice non-stop.

BILLIONwink out loud! But ok, what does this mean?

Thinking out loud, in the simplest terms, means speaking your mind. As opposed to memorizing them all in your head and trying to sort them out in your head – also known as inner thinking. (P.S. – there are many benefits of take time to just think! Check them out.)

Thinking out loud is a tactic you can use to organize your thoughts, emotionsand their ideas & meanings. Although it can be considered a society fake passwordThis process is really super helpful for many reasons. And, it is an essential part of proper cognitive functioning and a sign of true intelligence.

To show you what we mean, let’s take a look at the benefits of thinking out loud and how the process can improve different aspects of your life.

5 benefits of thinking clearly

♡ Increase self-motivation

Before we talk about how to think out loud increase your self-motivation, we need to talk about the difference between negative and positive self-talk. Negative self-talk is when you lower yourself, have negative thoughts and say negative things about yourself, about yourself.

Positive self-talk is having good thoughts and feelings about yourself and saying those things to yourself. Like when you look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re a bad bitch – that’s some positive self-talk there.

It doesn’t matter whether you actually say negative things or not (although you should never talk to yourself). Just having all the negative thoughts in your brain can lead to some serious deficiency motivation. This is because most of us act on our feelings and thoughts.

Instead, turn these negative thoughts into motivation for the future. We know, we know – easier said than done. But, from research that uttered positive phrase, word or affirmation for yourself can motivate you to keep going and accomplish your goals. It can also improve your confidence and your eagerness to achieve all your wildest dreams. (And speaking of dreams, see all the benefits of Start a dream diaryalso!)

♡ Improve problem solving skills

In one Research published in 2018Research shows that when you’re having trouble solving a problem or keeping track of all your ideas, it can be beneficial to speak them out. This is important for two reasons. First, when you say things out loud, they just make more sense. So thinking through it can help you eliminate silly ideas or solutions in no time.

For example, when computer programmers can’t get their code to work, they go through a process known as rubber debugging. Basically, they just read their code for a toy rubber duck. And often, when they read it aloud, they get an error and can debug their code right there. The same principle applies here – even though we’re NOT programmers (and thank goodness for that, aren’t we?)

And second, when you say things aloud to others, they can help you decide which ideas are good and which you can ignore. And instead of all your thoughts and ideas circling your brain all day, you’re actually one step closer to solving the problem.

♡ Memory Booster

In a recent study, research found Saying things out loud to yourself will improve your memory and recall. And this doesn’t just apply to studying at school or at work! When we repeat phrases or words to ourselves, especially self-talk or positive affirmations, we actually commit them to long-term memory and begin to believe them. Therefore, they are more likely to materialize.

♡ Improve concentration

Have you ever had moments when your mind was running a thousand miles a minute? First, you have a great idea. After that, a monsoon with other interesting and exciting ideas begins to pop into your head. What are you going to do with all these ideas? Which idea is good? What ideas are interesting? And, how do you keep track of them all?

Bet you can already guess what we’re going to say… think it out loud! Thinking out loud can help you keep track of your ideas, remember them later, and arrange them in a more memorable way. Thus, allowing your brain the freedom to focus on one idea at a time.

♡ Help you stay present

Thinking out loud can also help you be present in the moment. Instead of allowing all of your crazy thoughts and feelings to push you down the rabbit hole, thinking out loud can actually help you deal with your thoughts right now and work through them. Believe us when we say that living in the moment can greatly improve your quality of life. Meanwhile, living in the past, wallowing in the unknown or worrying about things you can’t control can have consequences. your mental health.

Damn it, thinking out loud.

If you are not convinced, just try it. Thinking out loud has so many benefits that can change your life both mentally and mentally. Not to mention all the benefits it brings to your work and personal life.

Work through your ideas, be able to live in the present and improve your cognitive function – what more could you ask for? Get it from us, you’ll want to start practicing this process as soon as possible, so you can reap all the benefits, from this point on. Until next time, if you find us talking to ourselves, mind your own business. LAUGH.

x, Skinny’s Secret team.

+ writing is as good as thinking out loud, so be sure to check morning pages.

++ learn how gain emotional understanding here.


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