7 indoor growing trends that will define 2022

Trends come and go, but our common love tree forever. There’s just something about filling houses and apartments with lots of trees make us … feel more comfortable! And the health benefits are scientifically proven! Bringing the outdoors into our spaces with inspiration and vibrancy, even the mere presence of plants can keep you energized throughout the workday from home. Of course, while our weakness for plants goes nowhere, there are trends that define our planter decor from year to year. To see what’s coming in the botanical world this year, I tapped BloomscapeLindsay Pangborn’s resident horticulture expert, to share all the info on the top indoor growing trends we’ll be seeing soon (if not already) in 2022.

With the past two years, spending more and more time (and more!) indoors, it seems like we’ve reached ultimate plant love. Certainly, my millennial crew and I consider ourselves some of the proudest plant parents out there. But it’s true that all of us boomers, Gen Zers, and the like, are wanting renew our house by designing our own indoor forests. More than that — in an age of increasing anxiety, depression and loneliness—It is important to find out practice support our mental and emotional health. I absolutely want to empower the movement, colorful food, and poured into mine interest and passions. But along with that, I also found purpose in taking care of plants. And science support it: houseplants promote mindfulness, improve our mood, and even help us find calm in this sometimes stressful world.

So if you’re looking to buy your first houseplant or make plants a more important part of your life in 2022, keep reading. Our experts are sharing all that will happen in the world of plants in 2022. And if you’re looking for more botanicals, check out our guide to care. low light plants, the Best plants for beginners, and Must-have houseplants of 2021.

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Ficuses are making a comeback and these two are leading the charge

The bugs have the unfortunate association of being known as a fitting plant for many dreary ’90s office spaces. Thankfully, Ficus has earned its place in passionate hearts again. Love our design. In recent years, sculptural and impressive statues on eagle leaves have led this trend. But in 2022, expect to see Ficus Umbellata and Ficus Benjamina steal the limelight.

Lindsay attributes the growing interest in these plants to the unique characteristics of their leaves. “The Ficus Umbellata is gaining popularity due to its huge heart-shaped leaves. As a tree, it grows straight so it won’t take up much space but can add more height over time as it grows.” And for all of us who have lost a beloved eagle leaf to their notoriously hard-to-care nature, here’s some good news. “This species is not as ugly as the leaf fig and prefers an area with bright light like any other ficus species,” says Lindsay.

As for Ficus Benjamina (common name: Ficus Danielle), Lindsay notes that its shiny green leaves, slightly drooping branches and distinctive rounded crowns add immediate interest and dynamism to any which room. “This plant requires little care and is often sold as a tall tree, giving instant height to a bright corner of your home.”

Ferns Make Mastering Grandmillennial Style Simple

Haven’t heard of the “grandmillennial” style? Get ready to check out the family heirlooms. In stark contrast to the more minimalist and modern aesthetic that has inspired our homes over the past decade, the grandmillennial trend is deeply rooted in nostalgia and tradition. Instead of stuffy, the style is authentic and carefully crafted, drawing on art and high fashion for inspiration. Want to align your plants with the annual euphoria? Ferns are the easiest way to make that happen.

Ferns capture this trend perfectly. “The textured ferns are going into our hearts and into our homes,” says Lindsay. “Frons are some of the most versatile and resilient houseplants available. You can display them in baskets, on a plant stand, in bright or dimly lit places, indoors or outdoors (in summer). ”

When it comes to ferns, too, the options are truly endless. Lindsay’s top favorite? Rabbit’s foot fern, kangaroo fern, blue star fern and foxtail fern. And while the last one is not technically a fern, if you are going to appear alone, it will succeed.

Working remotely will make us even more plant-obsessed

With the return to office date pushed further and further back (and some companies abandoning their offices entirely), many of us are making remote work a fact of life. . Of course, that means investing more in the space we live in all day, every day: our homes.

So if plants are already a part of your lifestyle, get them ready to become an even bigger thing. From Lindsay: “Incorporating houseplants into every room in the house has become very popular, in large part because of the health and wellness benefits they offer, but also because of the beauty they offer.” While this is certainly something we’ve seen take shape over the course of the past two years, this is your confirmation that plants aren’t going anywhere.

We will demand more from our factories

A few years ago, when plants became a fixture in every space in the house, aesthetics was a top concern. But with style covered, people will be looking for plants that can provide something extra. “Think of vegetables, herbs, fruits, and another that is of interest: carnivorous plants,” explains Lindsay.

Yes really! They are great for families and can even keep your home free of less-than-favorite guests. “Carnivorous plants are an interesting idea for households with children. Options like pitcher plants or Venus flytrap are pretty and novel. ” shared Lindsay. “Plus, they’re incredibly easy to care for, and they help by catching insects that might be buzzing around your house.”

Plants will become another form of art (and maybe even replace it!)

I’m sure all to find perfect puzzle piece to create a space, but when I have the choice to infuse a room with my nature-loving vibes, I take it. “From a design standpoint, trees are becoming a form of art on their own,” notes Lindsay. “Instead of a traditional work of art, more and more designers are using large ornamental plants or selected groups of smaller plants to create focal points in a room. We see people specifically looking for large, mature trees that make an immediate impact.”

Time to take on new challenges

Looking to grow as a parent tree? You’re not alone. “Many people are just starting their journey to growing plants at home and will be looking to take on new challenges. Whether it’s expanding their houseplant collection or trying out outdoor gardening,” Lindsay predicts.

Bloomscape has introduced a number of new initiatives to make botanical knowledge and skills more accessible. “We offer a wider range of sizes that will make it easy to grow your collection of cute, table-sized plants, or invest in some truly gorgeous, large statement trees. We’ll also have a curated collection of outdoor flowering annuals that switch to easy, instant, expert-made color combinations designed to brighten up outdoor spaces. yours and continue to bloom all summer. ”

Want to dig deeper into your botanical studies? Share skills is a favorite for courses focusing on a wide range of botanical and horticultural topics. You can even connect with your local botanical store to see if they offer live or virtual flower arranging, tree care, and gardening classes. Or, if you want to learn at your own pace, let a book inspire your growing love of plants.

Time to take it out

I know, I know: This article is all about seven in the home botanical trends of 2022, but stay with me. If there’s one theme to all of these trends, it’s this: More and more, our homes and apartments will be filled with plant life. But a lack of indoor space shouldn’t slow us down from our need to take care of more seedlings. “When people fill their homes with indoor plants, the next place to go is the outdoors,” explains Lindsay. The big focus for outdoor plants in 2022 will be the front entrance of a house. Plants can add a lot of warmth, instantly making a space feel inviting and cozy. “There will be everything from lush drooping ferns to ornate potted plants centered around the front door. “Plus,” adds Lindsay, “people will turn to table plants to weave bright flowers and foliage throughout the space.”

What botanical trends will you bring to your space this year?

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